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SOLSTIZIO is an ethnic artistic craft company and family business, committed to the realization of an innovative line of ECO-PRODUCTS


Our designs are inspired by everything that surrounds us in nature, with particular attention to the constantly evolving design phase, and made in full compliance with the principles of sustainability.
The laboratory consists in the transformation of the raw seed, composed of three very hard dark-coloured skins up to the heart which is white like ivory.
All this trying to maintain, where possible, the natural shape and colour of the seed itself; in another way we pass to the colouring of the seed with dyes, especially for the Tagua.
This allows us to practice through the engraving, which is made exclusively by hand, drawings where the natural white of the Tagua comes out or create various combinations between the various colours. Everything then passes to the final polishing that gives the created object light and embellishes it.


Specialized above all with the TAGUA “Vegetable Ivory”. The seed of the TAGUA comes from a plant, scientifically called “Phytelephas Aecuatorialis” – AN ELEPHANT PLANT – which is widespread in the Amazonian and coastal region of Ecuador. The tissue of the seeds is first liquid, then gelatinous and finally hardens, while taking on the consistency of ivory. In fact, it is known as VEGETABLE IVORY, and all-natural products from the Ecuadorian Amazon. All renewable of course.


Our production is completely handmade, original, and made with attention to the smallest details. Thus, making each object, even if created in series, different from the other.
All our creations can be CUSTOMIZED according to customers’ request.
This, as we have noticed, creates a synergy with the customer who feels participant in the creation of the object.


The removal of the Tagua seed and other materials, used by us, constitutes an economic and renewable resource for the indigenous population of Ecuador and implies the conservation of the forest in which the plants live.

Founded in Milan in 2001, SOLSTIZIO realizes and markets natural products in full compliance of the environment and the natural eco-system. Research of quality, creativity and mastery in processing of the Tagua material – vegetable ivory – makes the final product one of a kind.
Thanks to the experience and personal know-how of our holders, SOLSTIZIO becomes a point of reference for all individuals and companies who want unique products and fair trade, combining creativity, art, symbolism and in full respect for nature and some fundamental principles

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